First ever common European asset management framework approach that enables consistent and coherent cross-asset, cross-modal and cross border decision making
First ever common European asset management framework approach that enables consistent and coherent cross-asset, cross-modal and cross border decision making
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Achieving a well integrated, optimal performing transport infrastructure network in Europe is a key element in the White Paper on Transport’s overall ambition for a single European Transport Area in 2050.

The Coordination and Support Action AM4INFRA aims to overcome the legacy of European transport networks under which they have been developed incrementally (and mostly fragmented) over time within the specific setting of mode and country under various policies and service levels. Building on ongoing bottom-up actions, best practices and contemporary experiences of four National Infrastructure Agencies that are considered frontrunners in the development and application of asset management in their networks governance, it will deliver the first ever common European asset management framework approach that enables consistent and coherent cross-asset, cross-modal and cross-border decision making in the context of the White Paper on Transport.

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The Innovations of AM4INFRA

- To provide National Infrastructure Agencies (NIAs) with insight to how asset management practices would support the development of network management strategy, adoption of decision making processes, operational requirements and how asset knowledge can be uitilised;
- To provide NIAs with a common, practical framework for a life cycle and risk based Asset Management approach capable of governance on the highest aggregation level of (cross-modal) network considerations;
- To enable NIAs in acquiring meaningful data and sharing knowledge and good practices to achieve “learning by doing” and continuous improvement of the operations....

Project concept

Project concept

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Facts & Figures

Full name: Asset Management Approach for transport infrastructure networks
Acronym: AM4INFRA
Duration: 24 months
Start date: 1 September 2016
Total budget: 1,499 M€
EC Funding: 100 %

The consortium consists of 8 partners from 9 different European countries.

Partners about

"The planning and provision of transport infrastucture today is related to a broad range of societal demands from beyond its traditional realm. These comprise its potential for mittigating GHG emissions and air pollution, accessibility and affordability, human health and well-being..." Read more
"Transport Infrastructure Ireland is delighted to be a member of the AM4Infra infrastructure project. It provides us with the opportunities to engage, contribute, assimilate and learn from and with our European colleagues and road agencies alike on the key principles of asset management..." Read more

"Rijkswaterstaat’ mission is to cooperating to promote safety, mobility and the quality of life in the Netherlands. Managing and developing  the main road network, the main waterway network and the main water systems and endeavouring to create a ..." Read more

"Highways England is required to develop, maintain and implement an asset management policy and strategy, taking into account the best practice approach to managing the lifecycle of its assets.  AM4INFRA supports our Asset Management Strategy and represents an exciting step..." Read more

"Maintaining more than 5 trillion kms of road is a real challenge. Adding to this, responding to the needs for seamless mobility of passengers and freight requires introducing innovation into the management of transport assets..." Read more
"Among the top 20 research centers in Europe, in terms of participation in EC sponsored research projects.”
"ANAS is very proud to participate in the AM4INFRA project and to take part in the sharing, among valuable partners across Europe, of specific Asset Management skills and experiences. The scope of the partnership is the design of a common core-model..." Read more



CEDR - Conference of European Directors of Roads

AM4INFRA is supported by the CEDR, in particular Task Group N2 on Asset Management. The AM4INFRA consortium has been assigned the lead to develop concrete tools and procedures that the Task Group can elaborate on in view of their NIA constituencies. The Task Group will serve as a soundboard on the content of the results.